Each of our programs has a specific curriculum and expectations for our students.

Kenpo Karate

Kenpo means “Fist Law Way” (Ken: Fist + Po: Law). It is often described as a martial art that focuses on rapid-fire strikes in close range contexts.

Kenpo originated from a southern Chinese martial art and is a mixture of 5 different cultures: Chinese, Japanese, Okinawan, Hawaiian, and American. Our curriculum at AKKA is primarily influenced by the original Chinese martial art and way of movement.

AKKA basics prefer:

  • Hands over feet
  • Low kicks over high kicks
  • Circular motion over linear motion


We teach a system not a style. We focus on fundamentals and basics.

The student finding her or his own personal style through learning and exploring the system The system of techniques and movements as a creative tool for self-expression and self-defense.

About our Kenpo Programs:

Our class format includes both group learning and individual instruction. This allows our instructors to teach large lessons, and also to work with each student at their own pace of understanding and mastery.

Junior program:

Ages 8-11 start in the junior program Abbreviated version of the adult curriculum—same techniques, same progression of ranks, but fewer techniques and katas per belt & less variations.

Adult program:

Ages 12 and up start in the adult program Ranks: white, gold, orange, purple, blue, green, 3rd, 2nd & 1st brown, black+ The average time from white belt to black belt is approximately 4 years.

Curriculum for Adults and Juniors:

  • Basics (hand strikes, kick strikes, movement, blocks, stances)
  • Self-defense techniques (combinations of basics intended to practice defenses against specific attacks. These allow students to experience and imagine a variety of scenarios hands-on.)
  • Katas (Also called forms in other styles, katas are sequences of techniques intended to allow students to improve awareness, balance, endurance, and creativity in expression.)
  • Kumite (hands-on sparring) Both adult and junior students begin practicing hands-on sparring around their orange belt, or after at least six months of training.

Get started on your journey to black belt today!


Little Dragons

Little Dragons is our Kenpo program for ages 6-8.

We’re focused on developing:

  • Self-Discipline
  • Cooperation
  • Listening and reflexive skills
  • Respect for themselves and others
  • Balance, coordination, and strength
  • Kenpo stances, motions, strikes
  • Focus

How is the curriculum designed?

The curriculum for the program focuses on new skill sets every two weeks. At the end of each two week rotation, students are given the opportunity to stripe test for the skills they learned. Once a student receives 6 stripes, they are ready for a new belt!

We limit the class sizes for this program because we want to be sure each child gets high quality instruction, and the individual attention they need to be successful.

6 and 7 year old Classes:

  • Classes are 35 minutes in length.
  • Class times: Mon/Tues/Thurs 6:15pm-7pm, and Saturdays 11:10-11:45am
  • Students must attend two scheduled classes per week
  • Class capacity is limited to 10 students per class

How do you know if your child is ready to start?

The only way to figure this out is to give it a try. This is why we start every Little Dragon with a 4 week trial period. During this time, we are helping you figure out if your child is ready for classes at our school.

What are we looking for?

  • Your child is able to stay on the deck for the entire class
  • Your child can follow basic instructions
  • Your child responds to being redirected when they lose focus (which happens often for little ones!)

After the 4 week trial, if we decide it’s a good fit for your child, we can recommend a membership program for you, which you can read about here.


Tai Chi Chi Kung

What are Qigong and Tai Chi Chuan?

Qigong is the disciplined work of life-force (Qi or chi = life-force, gong = work). It is a healing art that develops physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health for whole-hearted well-being.

Tai Chi Chuan is a martial art that integrates breath, energy awareness, and martial technique through slow, fluid motion. The practice of Tai Chi Chuan includes various forms, or series of motions and postures, in which the practitioner learns to feel and move Qi through the body. Tai Chi Chuan can be considered a branch on the tree of Qigong.

Qigong’s origins date back to 7,000 years ago in China. It’s study focuses on meditation, health, and martial practices. Chinese medicine, spirituality, and martial arts forms (such as Tai Chi Chuan) can be traced to cultivation of Qigong.

AKKA teaches Qigong as a living philosophy that guides the practitioner on how to walk a path in alignment and harmony with nature. From this well-spring of knowledge we study Qi (Chi) within the body, and the connection of this life-force to the world around us.

AKKA fundamentals prefer:

  • Systematic relaxation of the body/mind/spirit
  • Breath work for integrating body/mind/spirit
  • Structural alignment of the body, both external and internal
  • Rooting and Grounding to energetically create and hold space
  • Redirecting, neutralizing, and clearing another’s force or energy.


Our program is a creative and integrative study of Meditation, Energy balance, Body systems of healing, and Martial Knowledge.

Through foundational Qigong practice, Tai Chi Chuan movement, and philosophy rooted in Chinese and Indian traditions, students gain experience and skill that allow them to connect internal and external concepts into a whole way of living and being in the present moment.

The curriculum allows for students to move at their own pace, and is accessible to a wide variety of ages and physical abilities (Our students range from 7 to 70-something…seriously!).

Qigong/Tai Chi Classes:

Weekly scheduled classes are appropriate for people age 15 and up.

Class Times are:

  • Wednesdays, 8:30am-9:30am, 12pm-1pm, 8:15pm-9:05pm
  • Thursdays, 10:45am-11:30am (sitting meditation class)
  • Fridays, 8:30am-9:30am, 12pm-1pm
  • Saturdays, 8am-8:50am

*First Friday of each month: 11am-11:50am Theoretical/Lecture (Prerequisite for the Theoretical class includes a minimum 6 months attendance as an AKKA student).

For maximum benefit, it is recommended to attend at least 2 classes/week

Qigong/Tai Chi classes for kids (workshops)

Periodically we offer class sessions for younger students, specifically children ages 7-11. These 40-minute classes focus on basic movements, relaxation, and meditation. Check Events for the next Kid Qigong/Tai Chi session.

Workshops & Camps

Women’s Self-Defense Model Mugging

It’s self-defense. It’s practical, effective, and simple. It’s adrenaline. It’s the knowledge that you will not freeze. It’s a warrior code. It’s empowerment.

Taught by Bill Frank and Ritu Nanos, our Model Mugging workshop is an intense 4 hr seminar in self defense. We dialogue, teach and drill some simple but effective techniques, followed by the women practicing these techniques on an actual ‘mugger’.

This allows participants to access an adrenalized state while defending themselves from an attacker. This class will leave you feeling truly empowered, and confident that you can claim and protect the ground you stand on.

Registration Fee: $100, $90 if you bring a friend.

This class occurs quarterly and is usually schedule on Saturday afternoons from 2pm-6pm Contact AKKA Westport today find out when the next class date is and register your spot OR Schedule a private group class You only have one life- don’t hesitate, Fight for it.

Safety, Awareness, and Boundaries

Available for ages 10 and up

This 60-90 minute class focuses on behaviors that keep us safe, and how to set assertive physical and verbally boundaries. As shorter class, this workshop is a crash-course on what it means to be safe, be alert, and feel confident in setting your personal boundaries no matter where you are.

Qigong 8 Brocade

Available for groups ages 9 to Adult

Are you interested in learning Tai Chi movements that are specifically intended to help improve your organ health and general wellness?

Our three-hour Eight Brocade workshop teaches participants gentle, systematic Qigong movements, that support your body’s organ health, and relax the mind-body. The class includes basic information about the specific organs addressed, and how the movement aids in their function.


Available for groups ages 7 to Adult

Life is filled will all kinds of reasons to feel anxiety, stressed, and overwhelmed. The states of being have a very adverse effect on our body and mind. Learn to be present with yourself, and through guided breath meditation, start to use meditation as a tool to work through the overwhelming stress of daily life and find peace, wellness, and healthy productivity.

Aside from our weekly Thursday morning meditation class, we offer private meditation workshops for businesses, schools, and organizations, and small groups. Workshops can range from 60 minutes to an 4 hours, based on the needs of the host and group.


Check back in March 2018 for information on our Element Bending summer camps for ages 9-16!

Birthday Parties

Karate Birthday Party

Kick, block, chop, punch!

AKKA Westport birthday parties are a great way to keep kids active, learn about culture, and have fun! Our party hosts are AKKA Karate instructors who keep the party lively with karate mini-lessons, an obstacle course relay race, karate games, and a cultural craft. Our birthday parties aim to keep kids moving, engaged, and having a kickin’ time!

Our parties are recommended for ages 6 years and up.

Price: $185 for up to 10 kids (includes birthday child) $210 for up to 15 kids (includes birthday child)

This 90 minute party includes:

2 AKKA Karate Instructor hosts


Paper-ware (plates, napkins, forks, table covers)

1 bottle of water for each child

2 mini Karate Lessons

Karate Games such as Obstacle courses, Stance Tag, Sensei Says, and more!

Cultural Craft: Kids each child receives decorative sheet with Chinese numbers and Karate animals that is used to inspire crafts such as fortune-tellers, origami, masks, and fans. The craft chosen for the party depends on the age group attending.

Personalize your Party with Add-ons:

Dragon Pinata: $45 Pinata comes filled with candy

Sword Cake Cutting: $10, Birthday Child gets to cut the cake with a Katana Sword

Party Favors:

Option 1:

  • AKKA-Westport Karate Animal Poster , $2
  • 11x17 poster that captures the Kenpo Karate animals on the building of AKKA Westport painted by local artist, Scribe.

Option 2:

  • Chinese take-out box, $3 per child
  • Lucky red envelope with good luck coin
  • Paper fan craft with instructions
  • Decorative Chopsticks (can be eaten with!)
  • Fortune Cookie
  • Chinese finger cuff
  • A healthy snack

Option 3:

  • Knock out, $4 per child
  • Chinese take-out box AND AKKA-Westport Karate Animal Poster

Birthday Presents:

  • $20 Birthday child takes home AKKA-Westport Dragon Shirt
  • $35 Birthday child takes home AKKA karate uniform
  • $75 Birthday child takes home AKKA uniform, AKKA-Westport Dragon Shirt and receives 4 weeks of Karate lessons at AKKA Westport

Ready to start your Martial Arts journey?